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Dermatologist in North New Jersey

Many people are now turning to medical professionals for cosmetic treatments. Dr. Cheryl Ackerman, dermatologist in North New Jersey, provides premium treatments for skin improvements that will benefit the patient both physically and emotionally.

Those who have suffered from ongoing skin conditions, such as acne or rosacea can attest that these are not simply inconvenient or superficial issues. It is not about vanity; they can affect your social interactions and other areas of living your best life. Someone with acne may feel self-conscious in large gatherings or meetings; someone with spider veins may avoid wearing shorts or swimsuits in the summer. When these skin conditions begin affecting how you plan your activities and impose on your mental well-being, its time to turn to a dermatologist in North Jersey.

Some of the medical treatments offered by Dr. Ackerman include:

  • Chemical peels, treatment for acne or scarring
  • Botox, wrinkle treatment
  • Star-lux treatments, for hair removal and sun damage
  • Restylane, wrinkle treatment
  • Schelerotherapy, affective for spider veins
  • Juvaderm, skin and lip enhancements

If you have age spots, sun spots, spider veins, acne or other skin conditions that are negatively affecting you, consult with a medical professional in this field. Your skin covers your entire body and these conditions are often exposed to the world, making those affected often feel embarrassed or self-conscious. A dermatologist in North New Jersey can implement safe and effective treatments to resolve them and you can begin increasing your self-esteem and feeling much better about yourself.

One particularly innovative medical treatment for hair removal, sun damage and age spots is the Intensed Pulsed light Star-lux treatment. This advanced technology is effective for all skin types and has little pain associated with the treatment and virtually no recovery time. It is also a sound treatment for rosacea. Don’t trust your skin to just anyone; turn to a medical professional, expert in this field.

If you are concerned about sun damage, have rosacea or other skin condition, or simply want to explore ways to improve your appearance with medical cosmetic treatments, consult the trusted dermatologist in North Jersey, Dr. Cheryl Ackerman.

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