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 Restylane and Juviderm   

 Cheryl Ackerman, M.D  treats patients with Restylane  and Juviderm for deep wrinkling in the nasolabial folds and chin.  Her General Dermatology Practice in New Jersey has been expanded to help patients feel better as they age.   The effects of this treatment usually last for about 6 months and most people do not experience adverse side effects. Restylane can decrease the prominence of facial wrinkles and folds. Why wait another day to look younger, when  Dermatologist Cheryl Ackerman M.D. can help you correct some of the wrinkling seen with aging.  

Restylane facts

  • Has been administered to patients in more than 70 countries
  • Made of a natural substance already found in the body
  • Corrects facial wrinkles and folds
  • It is injected directly into the skin
  • The treatment only causes slight discomfort
  • Results show up almost immediately
  • Cost varies from patient to patient depending on specific needs

General Dermatology

The realm of problems that a General Dermatologist treats is extensive.  Some of the problems treated include Acne, warts, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer and collagen vascular diseases that present in the skin.   In addition  Dr. Ackerman treats hair loss and nail diseases.  She is known to be very knowledgeable, experienced and very compassionate. Both patients, and physicians rely on her for precise diagnosis and therapeutic suggestions.  

Board Certified Dermatologist
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