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IPL  hair removal works 

 There are many patients who would like have hair permanently removed  on their body and avoid waxing and shaving procedures. A new technology which is safer and more effective is the Intensed Pulse light Treatment. Patients are very satisfied with the results of this treatment.      It is simple and painless. Dr. Ackerman uses an intense pulsed light treatment using the IPL StarLux machine which can remove hair on all types of skin types. This is top-of-the-line dermatological technology.  This alternative to laser hair removal is quick and virtually painless.  If you have any questions about this procedure you can schedule a consultation.  

Microdermabrasion: New Jersey Office

For centuries, humans have been trying to perfect the art of skin rejuvenation. In ancient Egyptian times, facial masks made up of alabaster particles were used. This technique used harsh irritants, but it was the early version of microdermabrasion. Dr. Cheryl Ackerman practices General Dermatology in New Jersey offers a modern day technique for resurfacing the skin which can treat fine lines, scarring and Acne.   

Microdermabrasion is a great facial treatment because it has very few risks and it won't change the pigments in your face or leave scars. However, to get the best results you'll most likely have to have several treatments. Dr. Ackerman uses a Parisian Peel machine that is used to treat skin with age spots, fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, enlarged  pores and comedones.   For more information on this treatment please call the office  

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