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Board Certified Dermatologist in Glen Ridge

A number of patients develop Rosacea.  This is a skin problem which can manifest with redness of the face, acne like pustules, swelling of the soft tissues around the nose and dilated telangiectasias .  If you are concerned about the possibility that you may have this condition. you may want to contact Dr. Ackerman for a professional evaluation and treatment.   This condition can be treated with several types of anti-inflammatory creams, antibiotics and light based pulsed treatment.  It is also important for patients to realized what triggers flares of this condidtion.  Many patients flare with exposure to ultraviolet radiation, very warm or cold temperatures, and caffeine as well.   There are many patients that develop Rosacea who are allergic to topical creams and this may trigger Rosacea.  

Dr. Ackerman is a Board Certified Dermatologist in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.   She is professional and has extensive experience and knowledge.   Based on the physical examination and history, a treatment regimen will be provided to help treat patients.  

Dr. Ackerman knows exactly how to treat this fairly common problem with medical treatments and also with the Star-Lux Intensed Pulse light -IPL machine.  This machine can be very effective in treating red swollen areas from Rosacea and also the tiny dilated blood vessels which are commonly seen in this condition. In addition this treatment involves little to no pain or recovery time

Dr. Ackerman, a Dermatologist in Glen Ridge, is a compassionate and Board Certified Dermatologist.  

Sclerotherapy: New Jersey treatment center

 Woman who may have spider veins of the legs may want to consult Dr. Ackerman regarding treatment of this problem of the legs.   This procedure is called Sclerotherapy. The results of this procedure are excellent with no scarring and minimal discomfort.   Dermatologists in New Jersey have treated spider veins this problem with minimal down time from work or activities. Dr. Ackerman has expertise and experience in this area.    

Board Certified Dermatologist
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