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General Dermatology: New Jersey

Many people are interested in a professional consultation regarding proper care of their skin.  This may include advice regarding emollients for the skin,  sunscreen recommendations, and anti-aging treatments.  There are many new products available today, however a professional opinion of a Dermatologist who  can suggest products that are appropriate for certain skin types. The area's residents have been visiting her practice since it opened in 1996, and they continue to trust her expertise and knowledge. Dr. Ackerman offers many services, which include cosmetic treatments, medical treatments, surgical treatments and skin cancer screening.  

Skin cancer screening: New Jersey location

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in the United States? In fact, the American Cancer Society has estimated that there were about 10,710 deaths from skin cancer, and the majority of these deaths were from melanoma. This is why is important to get a skin cancer screening. New Jersey area residents can get a screening done in Dr. Ackerman's office in Glen Ridge. Dr. Ackerman, a Dermatologist in glen ridge, has more than 20 years of dermatological experience and has worked with many skin cancer patients throughout her career in General Dermatology. New Jersey might not be known for its excessive sunlight, but it doesn't take excessive amounts of harmful UV rays to do damage.

Skin cancer often can be detected early. Patients and doctors often notice symptoms that prompt the need for a screening. The list below is not comprehensive.

Symptoms of skin cancer:

  • a mole changes size and color
  • a new growth forms
  • bleeding
  • oozing
  • scaliness
  • itching or tenderness

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