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New Jersey: intense pulsed light treatment

Starlux Pulsed Light

The Palomar StarLux system is now available to Dr. Ackerman's patients at her practice in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Intense pulsed light treatment, such as StarLux, can permanently remove unwanted hair from any skin type. This laser hair removal machine removes the hair by sending pulses of light into the hair follicles, which in turn heat up, loosen the existing hairs and disable the cells ability to grow new ones! This is the state of the art hair removal which is very effective, painless and safe.  

StarLux pulsed light therapy is quick, painless and it only takes a few treatments to achieve the desired results. Moreover, it has proven effective in the treatment of sun spots, rosacea and improving skin tone.

Discover StarLux pulsed light therapy

Remember those lazy summer afternoons you spent basking in the sun as a teenager on summer break. Well, unfortunately, those enjoyable afternoons in the sun might have left you with more than bitter sweet memories. In fact, tanning might have left dark sun spots on your face, legs arms and chest. The good news is, today you can lessen the appearance of these lesions with the help of Dr. Ackerman, a cosmetic dermatologist, and StarLux pulsed light therapy. After StarLux treatment on a lesion, the skin will darken and slightly crust. In about two weeks these side effects will be gone and so will your sun spots.

Residents of New Jersey, intense pulsed light treatment can free you from having to have painful waxing sessions, too! Not only is waxing painful, but it has to be done often, the growing in process is often itchy and uncomfortable and the recurring costs add up quickly.

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