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Star Lux Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal System Star Lux Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal System

The Starlux IPL has the capacity to remove hair in all skin types. The efficency and safety of this machine is certainly better than most systems that is used to treat patients who desire hair removal.   It is safe to treat patients of all ages and with all skin types.  There is no down time and it is virtually painless.   This machine is also used to treat Rosacea, sun damage and sun spots that are pigmented with little to no pain or recovery time.  The superiority of this system surpasses most systems that is available today.  It requires several treatments for permanent results.   Star Lux IPL Laser


Dear Dr. Ackerman,

  Words cannot express my gratitude to you. You have given me a "new lease on life". For as many years as I can remember (in my adult life) I have suffered from extreme Facial hair. As a female, this was quite embarrassing. I always assumed there was nothing I could do about it. I became used to be constant (daily) routine of applying hair removal cream to my face every morning. This was my routine for many years. Oftentimes, because of my constant use of these creams, my skin would break out in bumps. This was the price I thought I had to pay for being "hair-free". I was wrong! I saw news reports about laser hair removal. I finally thought: "that's the treatment I need!" However, as I saw reports of how the skin of women of color had been mottled (or left uneven) due to these treatments, I was scared.  You see, I am an African-American.  In spite of my fears, I came to you and I expressed my doubts. You assured me that you could give me these treatments and I would be extremely satisfied. With a little bit of hesitation, I decided to give it a try. Am I glad that I did! After three treatments with you,

My face is now "hair-free". For the first time in my adult life, I don't have to worry about getting up twenty minutes earlier in the morning to "shave". I have found such new confidence in my appearance. I am a new woman. I would highly recommend these treatments to anyone who suffers from the problem of unsightly, unwanted, hair. Believe me, it works!

Again, thank you, Dr. Ackerman.

Sincerely,  One of her patients. 


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